Fruitful Vineyard||Pinacolada

Hello blog FAM! Long time no post…I know it’s already half way into the month of june, but permit me to wish you all a happy new month (better late than never right!) I pray “June for joy” in your lives,family and all other areas IJN!

On the blog today,I shall be recounting my experience at an event I attended about 2 weeks ago here in Ibadan…

So, it was a wedding and I had the best time of my life. The fun part was the pinacolada (it’s a mixture of hoc count milk and pineapple) drink I had by fruitful_vineyard. I have never had something like that before and trust me, for a first taste, it was awesome!

As intrigued as I was, I decided to have a chat with the CEO herself…According to her, the business which started partially in October 2015 and came into limelight in 2016, developed from her love for fruits and the pleasure she derives from catering for people at events!

Fruitful_vineyard as the name implies, is a business that deal in food,drinks and fruit parfait for all occasions…

You have an event coming up? Then, you do not want to exclude fruitful_vineyard from the list of your vendors!
Contact Details

WhatsApp Number- 08161929259

Call- 08027407557

IG- fruitful_vineyard

P.S: Another interesting part is that they are not stationary,they are ready to travel anywhere in Nigeria just to cater and ensure your event goes as smoothly/fruitful as possible…

OK guys,that’s all on today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it? What do you think about fruitful vineyard? Are any of their drinks or fruit tree something you are willing to try out?

Be sure to share your thoughts as I always look forward to hearing from all of you!

Till next time,

Xoxo: blairsyn


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