Been Long You Saw Me…

Hello Blog FAM… Welcome back to my blog! I know I have been MIA for a while now, but I am going to explain the reasons behind that in due course. 

Flashback to some months back… I was having a good time going through social media on my phone (the one I use in blogging obviously) and before I knew what was happening, my phone slipped off my hands and hit the ground so hard I concluded it wasn’t going to come on! 

To my surprise, the touch was working so perfectly even though the phone sustained some serious cracks on both the front and back screens (obviously) 

Days went by, weeks went by and my cracked phone was doing OK as I was using it to keep up with Bigbrothernaija😉(I was supposed to publish a post on #BBNaija, but life happened) 

It wasn’t until recently the phone went off abruptly and decided not to come on after so many attempts… 

I took the phone to a repairer who told me it needed to be flashed! He flashed the phone, changed both screens, yet the story didn’t change. He later concluded that it was a software ish (whatever that means) and handed my phone back to me! 

Ever since, I have literally been staring at my phone and hoping it would just come on! But, I know that wouldn’t happen…So, plans to get a new phone are ongoing or probably a good Samaritan would gift me one which is not a bad idea as we are still in my birth month😉… 

And that’s that on my being away from the blog! I know some people would be like “what phone is she using right now, doesn’t she have a laptop, what phone has she been using for her instagram”

Well, to answer you, I am borrowing my mum’s phone + my siblings have been allowing me use their phones to post pictures on my instagram… 

I recently just got admitted into a prestigious university in Nigeria for a Master degree… I would definitely keep you posted about my new school and the whole experience!

Till next time, 



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