Valentine’s||Gift Ideas… 

Hello blog FAM… Good day and welcome to my blog once again! 

Happy Saturday You… How did your day go? Did you attend a wedding or owambe?

Without further ado, today I shall be sharing various gift ideas for Valentine’s day… 

Valentine, is an expression of affection, especially romantic affection, usually in the form of greeting card, gift or message given to a person (the object of affection), especially on February 14th. 


A person to whom a Valentine is given or received, especially on February 14th. 

Personally, I do not think Valentine’s is exclusively for lovers… I believe it is a period for showing love and should be spread! 


Hey ladies, get in here… The era of getting your boo or whoever you choose to be your Val singlets, boxers and the likes is over… There are various gifts out there that you can give that special one! 

1. Wristwatch: @9jawatches

They sell really nice wristwatches for both male and female…Be sure to check them out on instagram

2. Customized shirts : @shirtmarks

For your customized shirts, just visit their IG page

3. A set of Tie/Socks/Lapel pins/pocket square: @urbanmen_ng and @trendy_box

I know most guys would definitely love these set… Be sure to visit both IG pages and you would not regret doing so! 

4. Perfumes/colognes: @sapphirescentslagos

Hey ladies, don’t you like your man to smell good? I am sure you definitely do! Then, @sapphirescentslagos is the place to check… 


Hey guys, this is 2017…So, you need to come with your A-game on Valentine’s. 

1. Wristwatch: @9jawatches

As I mentioned earlier, they sell both male and female watches… 

2. Cologne: @sapphirescentslagos

 All ladies love to smell good…So, do not hesitate to get your baes nice colognes for Valentine’s 

3. Slides/Sandals: @gafasandals @tzarstudios @theofficialziza

These 3 IG pages are well known for their handmade leather slides and sandals… Be sure to check them out! 

4. Chocolates/Cookies

You can never separate a girl from Chocolates and cookies… 

5. Portrait

You can decide to make a portrait of your bae… 

6. Customized greeting cards

you can also decide to order a Customized greeting card for your bae… Be creative! 

7. Outfit: @fashpa @87origins

These 2 Nigerian brands sell really nice outfits… Be sure to check them out! 

For the cake lovers, you can check out my business page on IG- @savoury_cakes and do not hesitate to send a DM!

You can also follow me on IG-@blairsyn_

And that wraps it on today’s post… I hope it was helpful?

What other gift ideas can you think of? How would you be spending Valentine’s this year? 

Be sure to leave a comment in the comment section below! 

Till next time, 

Xoxo: Blairsyn


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