Living A Purposeful Life..

Hello blog followers and readers… Welcome to my blog once again! I know I have been MIA (Missing In Action) for a while now, but life happened! The good thing is that I am back and I promise not to bail out on you guys ever again… 

Without further ado, today’s post is on a message my pastor shared in church last Sunday which he titled “Living a purposeful life”.

I really enjoyed the message and that’s why I have decided to share it with you guys!

But first, what is purpose or purposeful?

Purpose,according to the English Dictionary is “the reason for which something is done, or the reason it is done in a particular way.

Purposeful, means “determined, focused, and intentional”

In life, many people do not know the purpose for which they are created…They just go about living a reckless/carefree life!

God created everyone on earth for a purpose and He expects that we fulfill them.


Text: Jeremiah 1:1-10, Luke 4:16-19, 1st John 3:1-9.

* Men of purpose are those who achieve goals.

* Every man on earth has a purpose 

* To live a life of fulfillment, you need to first Know who you are and Know God’s purpose for your life.


1. Understand that God has a purpose for your life.

2. Gather all materials needed to fulfill your purpose.

3. Work with men of same purpose as you/men who are fulfilled. 

4. Be determined to fulfill that purpose (be strong and focused). 

5. Take hold of God

6. You must keep away from people that are not of the same purpose as you. 

Also, stay far from those you perceive to be living a purposeless life! 

And that’s all on “purpose”…I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I really hope it has been helpful to you… 

Till next time, 

Xoxo: Blairsyn


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