Outfit|White Tees x Frayed hem pants 

Hello blog FAM… Long time no outfit post! A very Happy Saturday to you guys! How is the weekend going? Did you attend a wedding or owambe? 

Anyways, today’s post is on this amazing White Tees I got as a gift from Ifeoma for her blog anniversary giveaway and my Frayed hem pants from yesterday’s post… 

Outfit Details 

White Tees: IG- @t.i.b.s

Blue cotton pants: DIY

Brown boots: Odeon (thrifted) 

Belt: Bandana 

Head wrap: IG- @avocadofashionhouse 

Purse: Mum’s Wardrobe 

I decided to style my first ever “white tees with inscription” with my Diy frayed hem pants, my all time favorite boots which I previously styled here, Bandana as belt and a kente head wrap from avocadofashionhouse. 

And that’s all on today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it? 

What do you think about the entire outfit? How would you style your white tees? 

Feel free to leave a comment as I love hearing from you guys;)

Till next time, stay fabulous 

Xoxo: Blairsyn✌✋ 



11 Comments Add yours

  1. mzjolaade says:

    Love d overall look especially d headwrap 😍 i love dat U’re rocking boots, ders dis excuse dat one can’t wear dem cos we don’t experience winter ere but den boots are really stylish so I’d wear dem anyway, dose fashion police pple can go nd sit down lol. I love d white tee especially cos of d inscription on it, I’d rock it just as u wore urs or ova a skirt, tucked in or out.

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    1. Thanks dear… That excuse doesn’t work for me at all… I love boots😀 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 😘


  2. The white tee is so nice especially because of the inscription! And the head wrap too

    My Fashion Musings

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  3. Ore says:

    You look good girl😍 kindly follow and check out my blog http://www.nextdoorchic.wordpress.com thanks 😍

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  4. Phoenix says:

    People only complain about boots in Nigeria when they are knee highs or that sort of thing which to be honest those things are freaking warm. I’m cray cray for boots and would wear them every season if I could especially as my feet get cold first. One day when spring hit, I still wore them and my feet were so warm I was freaking out so badly I wanted to scream!
    So anyways, I wasn’t able to see your photos on the blog and had to search for you on Instagram that’s how I saw the boots! Graphic tees are so cool aren’t they?? Especially white ones!

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    1. I know right…There’s this look they give you when you have boots on😁


    2. Yeah, white tees are the in thing right now… I was actually gifted this one by a fellow blogger…


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