A Carnival To Remember…. 

Hello lovelies… Good morning! I am pretty sure some of you are in dreamland right now😁
Well, I am awake at this hour because I just got back from my hometown’s Carnival and I can’t wait any further before sharing my experiences with you guys… 

As you all know, I travelled down to my hometown (Ellu, Delta State, Nigeria) with my parents and siblings for the christmas and new year celebrations;)

Before coming down here, my parents told us about our annual cultural Carnival which kicked off last year. My siblings and I felt it was going to be boring, so we didn’t look forward to it… 

But I must confess, the Carnival made sense! It was fun, interesting and entertaining! 

There were various performances and displays (Dance competition, raffle draws – some people actually went home with bags of Rice, vegetable oil, and goats… Courtesy: Guinness! 

I can’t wait to attend 2017’s Carnival 😂

Here are some pictures I took with my phone camera… I know they are not so clear, but just bear with me till I can afford a canon camera or Probably get it as a gift from a good samaritan 😉

You can follow my IG page : @blairsyn_ to see more pictures and video clips from the Carnival. .. 

Till next time

Xoxo: Blairsyn ✋✌


8 thoughts on “A Carnival To Remember…. 

  1. Sadly I can’t view the photos but I do know that some carnivals in Nigeria have been really great. I’ve never attended one since they began tho but I see photos around the Internet. Thank goodness for social media sometimes right?


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