TMI: Too Much Information (Tag) …

Hello lovelies. How are you? So I was reading fola’s blog post on “TMI” and she tagged all bloggers to the post! 

This post is pretty long as there are many questions to answer… So, sit back, relax and read through :mrgreen:

What are you wearing? A Pink tanktop and blue shorts 

Ever been in love? No

Ever had a terrible breakup? No

How tall are you? 5’4

How much do you weigh? 55kg

Any tattoos? No

OTP (one true pairing) What’s your favorite fictional couple? Romeo and Juliet 

Favorite show? Jerseylicious 

Favorite bands? Of monsters and men, one direction. 

Something you miss? Simba (our former dog) 

Favorite song? The greatest by Sia 

How old are you? Check this post to find out… 

Zodiac sign? Aries 

Quality you look for in a partner? Humility 

Favorite quote? I don’t think I have any

Favorite actor? Bruce Willis 

Favorite color? Lilac 

Loud music or soft? Depends on my mood 

Where do you go when you are sad? My room

How long does it take you to shower? About 10-15 minutes 😉

Ever been in a physical fight? No

Turn on? Dress sense, fresh breath 

Turn off? Arrogance 

Fears? Losing someone I love

Last thing that made you cry? Onion 

Meaning behind your blog name? ‘Blairsyn’ is my favorite way of spelling my name – Blessing + this is my blog… Hence, Blairsynblog 

Last Book you read? Keeping her safe by Sherry Lewis 

The Book you are currently reading? A time to kill by John Grisham 

Last show you watched? School of rock 

Last person you talked to? My youngest brother 

The relationship between you and the last person you texted? Friendship 

Favorite food? Fried Rice and chicken 

Place you want to visit? Dubai 

Last place you were? Kitchen 

Do you have a crush? Yes 

Last time you kissed? Like seriously, ain’t disclosing that😎

Favorite flavour of sweet? Strawberry 

What instruments do you play? None

Favorite piece of jewelry? Necklaces 

Last sport you played? Can’t remember! 

Last song you sang? Me too by Meghan Trainor 

Favorite chat up line? ‘Hello’ 

Have you ever used it? Yes please 

Last time you hung out with someone? Been a while 

Whew! Can’t believe I am finally done 🙌

I tag everyone reading this… 

What do you think about the ‘TMI’ tag And my answers? 

Be sure to leave your comment in the comment section below 👇👇👇👇

Till next time, 

Xoxo: Blairsyn✌✋


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