Fiction||”The Evening Getaway(s) 

                📷📷📷: @midecoker 

Virtually Every Day Conversation Between My Elder Sister And I…. 

Me: Sister, you have to be very watchful of your Husband and his male friends…. 

Sister J: Will you shut up your mouth! What do you mean by watchful? 

Me: hmmmmn…  Sister, I know what I am saying! The way I saw your Husband and that Uncle T this evening wasn’t decent at all. .. 

Sister J: It’s like you have gone nuts… What wasn’t decent about the way you saw them? 

Me: Well, I noticed Uncle T touching your Husband in an unusual way and they both seemed to Enjoy every bit of it. But I guess they didn’t notice my presence… 

Sister J: Are you saying my Husband is attracted to his fellow man? Or what exactly are you driving at? You this small winch! !! 

Me: I am not insinuating anything oooo… I am just asking you to be a little bit observant. That’s all…

Sister J: Mtcheww… Nonsense! (leaves the room) 

Me: Anyways, I have said my own… It is left to her! 


My Sister goes to work very early and comes back pretty late. 

Her Husband on the other hand, works in a bank quite close to the house and comes back home from the office around 5pm.

I am a young girl of 19 and I just completed my SSCE…So, I decided to come stay with my elder sister till I’ll get admission into the university! 

Since I came into this house, weird and strange things have been happening and I have been trying to call my sister’s attention to them, but she is too insensitive! 

One Thursday evening ( 2 weeks after I moved to my sister’s house ),

I was in the living room with my niece and nephew-Gwen and Carl respectively 

My Sister’s Husband came back from work with a strange man ( strange to me, but well known to my niece and nephew) and they headed straight to the bedroom. 

Minutes later, I started hearing slight noises… Afterwards, they both came out looking like they just took a shower… 

My sister’s Husband requested for food and I served them jollof Rice and fried meat. 

After they had finished eating, my sister’s Husband picked up his car keys and told me he was going to drop off his friend. 

I watched them leave the house as they headed for the car with their hands closely intertwined ( I felt like throwing up) 

This habit of my sister’s Husband coming home with Uncle T (as famously called by my niece and nephew), heading straight to the bedroom and coming out several minutes later looking all cleaned up and fresh, has been on for about 6 months and I seem to be the only one suspicious… 

******To Be Continued******

If you enjoyed the story and would love to know how it ends, leave a comment in the comment box requesting for Part 2;)😁

Till next time, stay blessed! 

Xoxo: Blairsyn✌✋


12 thoughts on “Fiction||”The Evening Getaway(s) 

  1. Yes to part 2. I like the twist in the story, usually situations we read of z between two single males or sumbody’s broda but ere a husband, so interesting, can’t wait for d second part 👏 u r gud 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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