Relationship Talk|best friend dating Ex!!! 

Hello and Welcome to my blog… I am so Sorry for the inconsistency, but I promise to improve ;). Happy Saturday! And how is the weekend going at your end? Any plans of attending a wedding ceremony, anniversary or any owambe today? 

Anyways, today we shall be delving into a very serious issue as regards relationship and whether or not it is ok for your friend to date your Ex. 

So, you met this pretty much amazing guy/babe, you guys fell in love and started a relationship… 

Some months into the relationship, things went sour and you guys just stopped communicating (there was no official break up tho) 

Here’s the twist; you got to know that your friend (who was quite aware of your former relationship and how things ended on a weird note) and your Ex are now in a serious relationship through their facebook relationship status… 

This whole thing happened to a friend and she has been heart-broken ever since. 

P.S- She would Like to know your take on this matter… 

Personally, I think it is weird for a person’s best friend to date an Ex… 

 Is it ok for your friend to date your Ex? How would you feel if you find out via social media that your friend and Ex are dating? Lastly, what would you do? 

Thanks for stopping by👍… The comment section is open to both guys and girls…So, feel free to leave a comment as we would love to hear your opinion 😉

Till next time

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53 thoughts on “Relationship Talk|best friend dating Ex!!! 

  1. It’s called an ex, if my friend is not over him why did she leave then? Personally I don’t see anything wrong in it. What if the guy is the real guy for me? I’ll leave him cos my friend dated him? Not happening

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  2. Bestfren dating my ex? U see why i don’t have female besties. They even broke up unofficially nd she still had to find out about dier relationship on social media? Just too bad. If i were d lady, I’d be mad but leave dem alone nd if d lady z still confident to still befriend me, no problem, i just wouldn’t be close friends with her again. In situations lyk dis, u just leave dem alone, yes get mad but dats all u can do, let dem live d lives they’ve chosen nd wherever dat leads dem to z not ur problem but I’d be careful with such friend.

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  3. for real we just dissucussed that in my group chat on Thursday!!! its absurd….dont do it for any reason,because you are gonna be having awkward moments and weird feelings,especially if other fruends get to know about it….be guided-#Demmyads

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  4. It’s wrong for so many reasons. My friend must have been hitting on him or lemme put it this way they might have been hitting on themselves. Friends are not to be trusted. Probably the girl trusted her boyfriend with her friend and feelings started coming up. That’s life though with time she’s gonna move on. And trust me she’s gonna get a better person if she’s not a bad person.

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  5. To be honest, I would be hurt but if she looks at it as her friend eating her leftovers, that will give her the courage to get back on her feet. Talking from personal experience, I know heartbreak is not something easy to deal with but I will say, talk to God about your broken heart, He knows how to fix it best. Lastly, she needs to remind herself that she deserves better than that.

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  6. That is actually how I met my boyfriend. I found out from him that before all this ever happened she would trash talk me and had no reason to then. She and I don’t talk anymore, but I met my best friend and partner in crime. Xoxoxo, Life is funny that way.

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  7. There’s really nothing wrong. Only it’s awkward and slightly insensitive to date your friend’s ex. Imagine having to share emotional information about your relationship with your friend, and then having to share the heartbreak with same friend. And then said friend starts to live that exact life you loved and now hate. It’s not only unfair, its a total disregard of her feelings. Unless she supports it and encourages it

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  8. No! No!! No!!! It’s too awkward and should just be avoided.

    I mean, what if 5 years down the line, while your friend is dating/married to your Ex, the ex begin remembering things meant to be forgotten.

    Too risky!

    Nice blog Blairsyn😄

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  9. Wow crazy world!. She broke the “sistah-code”. If it were me, I’d block them both on social media and try hard to rid them off my mind and thoughts. Until I’ve fully forgiven them. Because it’ll be too painful to watch all that social media pda uggh

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  10. Honestly, that girl does not deserve the title of best friend. There is no way your best friend will be eyeing your ex and on top of that, start dating him without having the decency to tell you. Its just wrong!. Your friend should be happy that her so called “bestie” has shown her true colors now, Good riddance to fake friends and shitty exs. This one is just boyfriend Thank God, cos the bestie sounds like someone that can steal your husband sef. There is no rule explicitly saying that a girl can’t date her best friend’s ex, cos lets face it. Alot of things could have lead to the break up including them not being good for each other. A good and wise bestie would tell her friend and if they are truly best friends they would be able to reach a conclusion that they would both be happy and comfortable with.

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  11. There’s a unspoken girl code, and that’s something you ABSOLUTELY DONT DO! The friend ( snake in the grass) exposed who she really was and the guy,well… they tend not to care one way or the other. I’d be done with both parties. Tell your friend that theres so much more out there for her and not to waste her time crying over SPOILED milk.

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  12. I think if the relationship is dead and completely over then maybe fair enough, but if there are still feelings there then fuck her! And to top it off, finding out through social media?! I’d be absolutely screwing if it was me.

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  13. I don’t see a problem with it. I would hope the best friend would have the respect to talk to the other girl about it and also maybe not jump directly into a relationship with the ex immediately after break up… because that seems fishy and almost predatory… but otherwise why shouldn’t they date if they like each other? If bff is conscious of her friend’s feelings and is respectful enough of the friendship to be honest and upfront about it, then there should be no problem

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  14. In regards to your topic… It’s never okay for a best friend to date an ex. Relationships are intimate, therefore, a best friend should not explore or roam, where their friends have because it destroys the intimacy or trust in the relationship among friends.

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  15. That’s a no for me. I consider anyone that my bestie has dated to be off limits. I know you can’t control who you fall for but in order for that to happen you would have to have repeated contact. The way I perceived the situation, I think the ex and the friend were hooking up before the unofficial break-up.

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  16. I consider anyone that my bestie has dated to be off limits. I know you can’t control who you fall for but in order for that to happen you would have to have repeated contact. The way I perceived the situation, I think the ex and the friend were hooking up before the unofficial break-up.

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  17. Downright disrespectful. Just inappropriate on all levels, however, much focus is on the girls action and yet it takes two to tango! Therefore she should cut ties with both the best friend and the ex boyfriend since the trust is broken. That kind of trust can never be recovered because even if they try to be friends again, there will always be that “can I trust her with my man/ex”. They didn’t even have the courtesy to be honest! At this point she shouldn’t contact either since they have moved on & obviously don’t care about her feelings. No need to press on the issue but ignore & move on. Easier said than done but that’s the reality & dwelling on it will is a waste of time. Sometimes the best way is the silent way! In the meantime, be the support system for your friend and let her know some WordPress bloggers care 🙂 ! I’m sorry to hear what she went through but she will be more vigilant in who she trusts in future. . 🙂 All the best and thanks for trusting us to give you some advise. 🙂

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