Book: Keeping Her Safe

Author: Sherry Lewis 

Keeping Her Safe” is a fast-paced action-romance with wonderful characters”

The Summary 

This novel tells the story of DJ Woodward, a young Lady of about 32 and divorced, with a 4-year old daughter named Marissa. 

DJ owns a garden shop on the west side of Salt Lake City. 

Her Mom- Ms. Prescott is an author based in Utah, but she frequently travels around the world on Book tours. 

Larry Galloway is DJ’s mysterious father… She later learned that her father was alive, despite the fact that her mother had always told her otherwise! 

When Ms. Prescott realized that Larry Galloway was out of prison and would Probably try to establish a relationship with DJ, she hired Adam McAllister ( an agent at Dodge Detective Agency) to keep an eye on her daughter and granddaughter. 

DJ was left in the dark ( she wasn’t aware that the man in her basement was there to protect her and her daughter – Marissa. 

Her mom told her to accommodate Adam, an old friend of hers who is also an author ( adding that he was in Salt Lake City for research on a new Book he was writing) 

Adam, the Detective was also not well-informed on his “assignment”. It was later he got to know that Larry Galloway, the ex-convict he was supposedly protecting DJ from, is her biological father. 

The instruction given to Adam was to protect DJ and Marissa, and to make sure Larry Galloway is sent back behind bars whenever he violates parole. 

As expected, after his release, Larry visited DJ and introduced himself as her father! DJ was shocked to death. .. She called her mom to find out the truth and after so much persuasion, her mom confirmed Larry Galloway to be her father but refused to disclose further details. 

Meanwhile, Adam has fallen in love with DJ and they even kissed on two occasions. 

DJ called her step-sister – Laura to find out the whole truth, but she held back on some details stating that her mom made her promise she would not divulge the truth. 

One morning, Laura visited the house to tell DJ to avoid Larry as he is a horrible, vicious, hateful, angry, and violent man. While she was at it, Larry showed up and there was tension in the air…

A fight broke out between Larry and Laura. .. 

Adam saw the need to intervene, so he pinned Larry to the floor, but Larry didn’t give up. He thrashed, kicked and twisted under Adam’s weight. 

Larry twisted again and gripped Adam’s shirt as he tried to roll away. This movement hoisted Adam’s shirt up and exposed a handgun tucked into the waistband of his jeans. . 

At the sight of the gun, DJ’s stomach revolted and her senses reeled… 

She asked Adam what the gun was for and he revealed it was for “his assignment” 

After this revelation, she asked Larry and Adam out of her house, adding that she never wanted to see either of them again! 


That’s how far I have gone. .. I still have about 2 chapters to the end of the novel. 

Did you enjoy my summary? Can you predict how it would end? Are you a fan of actionromance? Is this a Book you can be found reading

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on this novel. .. I love hearing from you😁;)😘

Stay Blessed 

Xoxo: Blairsyn 


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