Wardrobe Essential||White “Boyfriend” Shirt…

Hello lovelies…Good evening and Welcome to my blog! 

Today’s post is for the ladies. .. So, ladies get in here. 

The versatility of a white shirt cannot be overemphasized. Hence, the need for every girl to have this in her closet. 

For those who have boos’, you can just walk into his wardrobe and hijack one of his white shirts. 

And for people like me, white shirts are all over the market. 

The most important thing is for you to go for an oversized white shirt (to have that boyfriend feel… ;)) 

The “Boyfriend” white shirt as I Call it, can be styled in so many ways. .. 

But, I decided to style mine like this! Enjoy!  


White shirt- thrifted 

Polka dot short – gift

Vintage scarf – random store

Ankle boots – thrifted 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post . . . 

Do you have a “Boyfriend” white shirt in your wardrobe? 

How would you style yours? 

Drop your comments and Let’s connect! 

Stay fab! 

Xoxo: Blairsyn 


12 thoughts on “Wardrobe Essential||White “Boyfriend” Shirt…

  1. you people that can wear white at any time are the real MVPs of the world. Nothing makes me decide to go to the boutique and pick a white shirt/skirt or anything. The self consious feeling everytime i’m wearing it makes me so uncomfortable. I keep having to check if I’ve gotten a stain on it yet. Everytime

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