Hungry Jack || Pancake is Bae… 

Good afternoon people and Happy Sunday to you guys….How was service today? I hope it was great? 

Today, I shall be sharing a very simple and quick snack you can make without undergoing any Stress;). 

So yesterday, I visited my friend and she asked me to help her make pancakes (as per Baker nau;)) 


I felt reluctant at first because I was not in the mood to undergo any Stress. 

But I guess she saw my facial expression, so she quickly jumped in to say she already bought a “pancake mix”.. . I was so relieved after hearing that! 


1. Pour the “pancake mix” into a bowl

2. Add little water (it shouldn’t be too thick or too watery either) 

3. Stir /whisk for a while until there are no lumps. 

4. Place your non-stick frying pan on the gas cooker. 

5. Drop very little vegetable oil or cooking butter into the pan

6. Heat for some seconds, then Pour in some of your pancake batter. 

7. When it starts bringing out bubbles as seen in the picture below, flip it over and allow to bake/fry (whatever that process is called😂)    

Repeat steps 5,6 & 7 until you have exhausted your batter. 

You can serve with honey or any of your favourite syrup as pictured on the pack below👇

P. SI hope I was detailed enough

What is your favourite snack? 

Have you tried out this mix or any other snack mix? Share your experiences… 


Xoxo: Blairsyn


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