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Good afternoon people. .. Happy first sunday of the month of October. . How did service go today? 

Without further ado, today I shall be talking about the message that was preached in church (which is quite obvious from the title ;)) 

Topic : The Power Of Discipline

Text: Proverbs 24:3-6, Proverbs 22:6&29


Discipline is the act of ruling one’s mind, body or the controlling of one’s self (soul&body) to meet a particular standard. 


* We are expected to be disciplined because life is governed by laws, rules & regulations. 

* The essence of Training up a child in the way of discipline is to instill in that child “the laws of success” 

* Discipline is the only strength that makes a man to be fulfilled. 


1. They have no schedule. 

2. They make routines and fail to follow such routines 

3. They resist “the truth”  that would make them better

4. They are LAZY

5. They procastinate a lot 

6. They are easily discouraged 

7. They can be very indecisive 

8. They fail to achieve goals 

Lastly, they are never in the fore-front (you will either find them in the middle or at the back)  

* Discipline is the key to Greatness

Wish To Achieve Greatness and Success? Do the following

1. Guide your thoughts

2. Do away with idleness (never stay idle) 

3. Keep  your routines in your spiritual life, your work, your health and your savings

Lastly, be appreciative… 

And That’s all on DISCIPLINE

I really enjoyed the sermon  and that’s why I decided to share it with you guys…

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