Some Awkwardness….

Hello lovely people….how are y’all doing today? Great, I guess?  And how has your day been so far… Hope not too Stressful? 

Anywaiz, I am using this opportunity to say a very Big Thank You to you my blog readers x followers for always taking out time to read my posts…i really appreciate!!! 

Today, I shall be sharing my experience with “a young man with bad breath”

So yesterday, I was at the bank to carry out some transactions…Lo and behold, this young man walked up to me and asked if I was the last person on the queue as is the usual practice… 

Damn, it was as if he had rotten egg in his mouth… I had to hold my breath as I answered him with a nod coz I didn’t want to embarrass him… 

The cashiers on duty were quite slow x sluggish, so the queue was moving at a slow pace… 

This young man just kept whining and complaining behind me without knowing that he was killing me slowly (literally speaking tho😂)
But thank God I survived!!!! 🙌🙌🙌


Trust me, I am not being mean or making mockery of that young man…My point here is, bad breath is “bad” and it is a source of embarrassment for both those who have it and the people surrounding them… 

The funny thing is, most people with bad breath don’t even know they have it… However, it is our duty (family x close friends obviously) to call their attention to it. 

P.S be very careful with your choice of words because some people might pick offence and think you are mocking them, when in reality, you are only being concerned x helpful… 


If you happen to know someone with ‘a not so fresh breath’ maybe a close friend, relative or casual friend, you can do the following:

1. If the person is a casual friend of yours, you can inform his/her closest friend or relative to do the “Job”…so as to avoid awkwardness. 

2. You can buy him/her a bottle of antiseptic mouthwash on their birthdays. 

3.During conversations, when there is joy x laughter and less tension in the air, you can just talk about an advert you saw on TV which advices that:

– brushing twice daily helps a lot

– flossing regularly is very helpful

-scraping the tongue when brushing reduces bad breath

Not forgetting to mention how you have incorporated the advert to your day-to-day living… 

Help that friend of yours! Let’s put a stop to bad breath… 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.. 

Do you have a friend/close relative with bad breath? 

Have you dealt with a person(s) with bad breath in the past? 

Share your experiences… 

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Xoxo: blairsyn