My Favorite Instagram Accounts….

Sup people… How are you doing this Tuesday afternoon??? And How was your weekend?

Today, I shall be sharing a list of my favorite instagram accounts… So come with me😄😄😄😄

1.@T2pitchy : her name is Grace Alex, a style blogger x fashion entrepreneur…click here to visit her blog

2.@cassiedaves: her name is Cassandra ikegbune, a medical doctor, award winning fashion x lifestyle blogger and the creator of the best selling blog planner. Click here to visit her blog

3. @thesvnflwr: her name is Ifeoma Amadi, a fashion, beauty x lifestyle blogger. Click here to visit her blog

4. @eviwestwick: her name is Odafe-Ejumedia Evi, a blogger/vlogger x fashion entrepreneur. Click here to visit her blog

5. @thebrowniegram: she’s a digital influencer- visual story teller x baker. Click here to visit her blog

6. @acrylicille: she’s a blogger x painter. Click here to visit her blog

7. @funkeolotu: she’s a blogger x writer/poet. Click here to visit her blog

8. @naturalgirlonabudget: her name is Ella Medupin, a Nigerian natural hair blogger x wig maker. Click here to visit her blog

9. @thebloggerpointng: this is the first bloggers agency in Nigeria. Click here to visit their website

10. @yhemisi: her name is Olubode yemisi, a graduate of mass communication, who is currently running her master degree in the UK. She has a great fashion sense and I keep wondering why she is not a fashion blogger…. 


11. @opeyemiiii: shes a model and has a very interesting instagram page. 

12. @pamsotuphotography: her name is Akinlosotu Pamilerin, a photographer based in Birmingham, UK. 

And that’s all on my favorite instagram accounts… 

What are your favorite instagram accounts? Be sure to leave your comments in the comment box below👇👇👇👇👇

Till I come your way again, I remain your very own Blairsyn😘😘😘😘