Some Awkwardness….

Hello lovely people….how are y’all doing today? Great, I guess?  And how has your day been so far… Hope not too Stressful?  Anywaiz, I am using this opportunity to say a very Big Thank You to you my blog readers x followers for always taking out time to read my posts…i really appreciate!!!  Today, I […]

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My Favorite Instagram Accounts….

Sup people… How are you doing this Tuesday afternoon??? And How was your weekend? Today, I shall be sharing a list of my favorite instagram accounts… So come with me😄😄😄😄 1.@T2pitchy : her name is Grace Alex, a style blogger x fashion entrepreneur…click here to visit her blog 2.@cassiedaves: her name is Cassandra ikegbune, a […]

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Hello September!!!!

#Nationalsicklecellawareness…  Hey guys… Happy New Month to you all…Sooo sorry it’s coming late (But Hey, it’s better late than never yeah?) So, how has September been treating you? Be sure to share some of your experiences in the comment box…  Without further delay, today I shall be talking about sickle cell  As you all know, […]

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