Relationship||”COME BACKS”… Yay or Nay?????


Hello lovelies…. How are y’all doing today? Great, I guess????
Today’s topic is “come backs” with regards to relationships… I have always wanted to do this post the very minute a close friend of mine (Mimi)  told me how her Ex (KK) has been begging and asking her to take him back,  but I have been lazy to do so😜….
So, without further delay, let’s hit the nail on the head😎…
In Relationships, lovers are bound to disagree on some issues, argue, quarrel,  fight (not to the point of getting physical tho) and eventually breakup.


But even after the breakup,  most people find themselves missing and thinking about their Exes more often than not (which I believe is normal… My opinion tho:D). This, however, might not be the case if the relationship ended on a very sad/disastrous note….
As I mentioned earlier,  this post is inspired by my close friend whose Ex is begging for a “come back”…

Mimi and KK were in a love boat for 6 months or thereabout and in the course of their relationship, KK got down with another girl (Missi).
P. S.. Mimi got to know by going through some of KK’s text messages..
Mimi confronted KK with her findings and he did not deny it…
After series of begging and pleas, Mimi decided to end the relationship because according to her, the lady in question (Missi) is a mutual friend of theirs…

It has been over a year since they broke up and even though they have been keeping in touch via calls, text messages and chats on various social media platforms, KK never for once mentioned his desire to “come back” until recently….

The only reservation I have is that “why did it take KK so long to ask Mimi for a second chance”????
*delay, they say, is dangerous….
Asides this,  I see nothing wrong in “come backs”….especially when you still have some feelings/emotions for your Ex (my point of view tho😁)

– what is your opinion about “come backs”
– would you advice Mimi to accept KK back into her life?

And that’s all on today’s post… Be sure to leave your comments in the comment box below👇👇👇👇👇👇

Xoxo: Blairsyn



3 thoughts on “Relationship||”COME BACKS”… Yay or Nay?????

  1. Hell no! He obviously used the free time to play around and now wants her back. He has the tendency to cheat in the future. She should move on please. Lovely write up by the way.


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