Our #wcw of the week is Yusuf Opeyemi Samiat…

20 facts about Her

1. Born September 25th, 1995

2. Loves singing

3. Currently in love with God and His work

4. Loves travelling

5. An extrovert

6. Sanguine

7. Libra queen

8. Loves multitasking

9. Hates lazy people, coz they irritate her

10. Quite lazy when it comes to house chores, but doesn’t understand how her room stays neat always

11. Loves her sisters more than any other thing in the world

12. Very prayerful

13. Doesn’t joke with her parents and whatever they want her to do

14. Always the Mc for any event she attends (she can’t even explain how it happens)

15. Doesn’t joke with money

16. Loves rich guys

17. Single and searching for a God-fearing guy with good looks and money

18. Loves watching movies

19. Currently crushing on Adekunle Gold

20. Hates liars

Entrepreneurial skill(s)

Make-up Artist (CEO, Samie’s handy)

CEO, Samie’s lingerie

CEO, Samie’s ushering agency

IG- mz_samia

Business page- @samie_page

And that’s all on our WCW for this week…you can also feature by sending a DM to @blairsyn_ on Instagram….



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