Our MCM for this week is Odetola Paul….

20 facts about our MCM

1. He is a Christian

2. He is Single

3. He loves inspiring people

4. He is a business-minded person 

5. He is a go-getter

6. He is Tall

7. He is light-skinned

8. He is quite gentle

9. He is a fun-loving person

10. He is friendly

11. He loves nature

12. He loves travelling

13. He loves swimming

14. He enjoys driving

15. He loves photographing people

16. He is respectful

17. He is hardworking

18. He is an Arsenal Fc fan

19. He enjoys playing football

20. Last but definitely not the least, he loves listening to music….

Entrepreneurial skill
Odetola Paul is a photographer

IG handle: paulz_images

And that’s all on our #MCM for this week…

You can also feature…all you need do is send a DM to @blairsyn_ on Instagram…

Stay blessed lovelies…bye


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