Our #wcw of the week is Yusuf Opeyemi Samiat… 20 facts about Her 1. Born September 25th, 1995 2. Loves singing 3. Currently in love with God and His work 4. Loves travelling 5. An extrovert 6. Sanguine 7. Libra queen 8. Loves multitasking 9. Hates lazy people, coz they irritate her 10. Quite lazy […]



Our MCM for this week is Odetola Paul…. 20 facts about our MCM 1. He is a Christian 2. He is Single 3. He loves inspiring people 4. He is a business-minded person  5. He is a go-getter 6. He is Tall 7. He is light-skinned 8. He is quite gentle 9. He is a […]