Nigeria has fallen!!!


Oh Nigeria!!!

My Great country……

Welcome to Nigeria, Home of corruption.

A country where past/present leaders swim in great fortune and the citizens feed from hand-to-mouth

A country where government workers work like elephants and feed like ants due to lack of payment of salaries/allowances

An oil-producing country where country people purchase fuel for #145 per liter.

A country where the people cannot boast of 5 hours of electricity in a day, but yet we have a government ruling over us.

A country where there are earth/un-tarred roads in major cities.

Once Again, Welcome to Nigeria, a country where connection is the only key to securing jobs/appointments/contracts.

A country where graduates of not more than 26 years old are required to possess 22 years working experience.

A country where first class graduates roam the streets with their certificates while those who finish with third class or pass get employed immediately after their NYSC because they ”know somebody that knows somebody”.

A country where the essence of the National Youth Service Corps has been devalued.

A country where parents/guardians influence the posting of their children/wards to places closer to home rather than the far north where there are incessant bomb blasts, religious crisis, blood shedding, e.t.c.

In the year 2015, there was jubilation in all corners of the country as a great wind of ”CHANGE” came with promises of good governance, payment of allowances to unemployed graduates……….

Here we are in 2016, one year down the line and we are all still hoping for the CHANGE!!!

Well, some significant changes have taken place:

-Electricity supply has deteriorated from bad to worse

-unpaid salaries

-Economic meltdown

Despite all these hardships, my country people a.k.a Nigerians never give up, they never allow their worries to weigh them down, they keep praying for the betterment of the country ”NIGERIA”

…………………………..GOOD PEOPLE, BAD GOVERNMENT!!!……………………………








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