Hello blog followers and readers…how are y’all doing today? Great I guess??? I know I’ve been MIA for a while (been busy with some important stuffs). But, the good thing is that I am back and I promise not to disappear on you guys again…#fingerscrossed.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to business!!! In our society, there are different “ships” associated with different phases…

Phase 1: friend-SHIP
This is a state of being friends with someone and it is usually the most important, but most people tend to skip this phase and move over to “relationship”. The friendship phase is usually when friends get to know each other; family background, educational background and other basic information…

Phase 2: relation-SHIP
This is a loving and/or sexual friendship between two people which usually comes right after friendship (well, not anymore…what exists now, is relationship being the ” very first” item). In this phase soooooo many things are involved; from sharing ideas/thoughts/worries to being emotionally attached to each other…
There has been a lot of misconceptions on whether relationships should be sexual or not, but going with the bible, marriage is the only union authorized by God to involve a sexual relationship…

Phase 3: court-SHIP
This is the time when two people have a romantic relationship right before they get married. It is usually the phase for solidifying the relationship.
Courtship which usually should not exceed 6-9months, has been brutally abused by young men of our generation (“yoru-demons” as they are popularly called…lol…#No-offence…) Courtship these days, now last up to 6-9 years…Lol

Phase 4: Marriage :(SHIP-less coz it is a bus stop)
This is the legal relationship between a man and a woman or the ceremony in which two people become a couple…
Marriage is not just about being a couple, it goes beyond that!!! But, most youths of nowadays marry for the wrong reasons and end up with regrets later in life…
P.S: Marry someone you can cope with, despite their flaws…
Q- what SHIP are you in????
Be sure to drop your comments below>>>>>>>>

Xoxo: Blairsyn


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