April 16th||Birthday Behaviour…. 


Hellluurrrrr people!!! It’s my birthday and my joy cannot be overemphasized for seeing another great year. 22 was fun, interesting, memorable, though it had it’s ups and downs- I regret some decisions I took /didn’t take due to ignorance, caring a lot about what people “would say or think”, not doing things for ME… That’s what life is about Yeah??? We learn everyday and 22 has been a great teacher and eye-opener…. I am hoping this new journey will bring about great things in my life (it’s a must sef, coz all that i have learnt in the past year will be put to good use)…. You can trust me on that…. ****winks****…….


* Start my master degree either in a Nigerian University or one of the Universities in the UK
*Get a good/lucrative job (an actual paying job, coz I am currently volunteering at a media house… with no basic salary.. ***sighs***)
*Get serious with my baking skills
*Build a brand for myself
*Lastly, FALL IN LOVE (lol), like it’s been very long since I experienced “love”… Wait a minute, have I ever been in love??? Hmmmn… I need to think deeply about this one…. #storyforanotherday…


*Appear on a Music Video/Videos
*Act a Scene or two in a top Hollywood movie
*Go on a date with Terrence Jenkins… Damn, that is one cute dude…
*Get married to a caucasian guy and give birth to American – Nigerian kids
*Get a super power. Preferably invisibility
*See my natural hair reach my waist… ***Rotfl***….
*Become a personality model
…………… ************……………….


Lest I forget, what are your fantasies???  Drop your comments in the comment box below…. THANKS!!!

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16 thoughts on “April 16th||Birthday Behaviour…. 

  1. Happy birthday dear. Sorry its coming late. May all your heart desires me met and may you live to fulfil your divine purpose. Cheers


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