blog Grandeur a.k.a ”Magnificence or ”Beauty”…..Beauty, according to the oxford dictionary, is the property, quality or state of being ”that which” pleases merely by being perceived; that which is attractive, pleasing, fine or good-looking…..I saw this picture on google and i just fell in love with it….Damn, look at that hair!!!

The beauty of an African woman goes beyond her good looks, skin tone, hair texture and other physical attributes. Her beauty is in her comely behaviour, poise, success abd ability to keep a home and train her children to become people of great minds.blog2

The image above, captures a pregnant woman……..she carries the baby in her womb for 9-months(you need to see the pain and agony some women go through during labour…….*thumbs up to all the MOTHERS OUT THERE!!!), nurses the child and cares for him till he becomes an adult…………..It burns my heart to see some teenagers talking back/exchanging words with their mothers…(dude, like seriously??? Do you know what she went through just because of you??? You obviously do not know!!! Coz if you do, you will worship, cherish and adore that WOMAN in your life called ”MOTHER”)


Gone are the days when the saying ”A woman’s education ends in the kitchen” was in trend…. These days, we have so many African women at the helm of affairs in the society and still managing their homes….This woman right here, is just the perfect example (she is my role model…*winks*…), Omoni Oboli is a Nollywood Actress, Film-maker, Ambassador to top organizations, a Wife and Mother of three-3 cute boys…………….SHE IS A TRUE AFRICAN WOMAN!!!

A true African woman lightens up anywhere she steps into; you cannot just help but notice her, she gives life and parades responsibility.

To the guys out there, i am very sure when asked about the beauty of an African Woman, you would inflexibly say without second-guessing that beauty lies in good looks; well no one is disputing that fact, but good looks according to let’s say 70%  of guys refer to-( fake hair i.e Brazilian, Peruvian, Bohemian, Malaysian, Indian and the other ones…*the list is endless*, fake lashes, make-up on fleek, fake bom-bom and hips as well as designer shoes and bags…..All these things listed above are just there to complement the God-given beauty deposited in the African woman which the naked eyes cannot grasp without an inward look into the heart.


An African woman is kind, wise, witty, generous to a fault…*she gives and expects nothing in return…* She is also responsible for building a good home and standing by her man even when he falters and makes irreversible mistakes.






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