The Catchy “Verbena”


It was a cool Sunday evening, and Mirabel (a tall,dark-skinned young lady in her mid-twenties, with dark short-spongy hair, wearing a Red-vintage dress paired with flip-flops) was seen standing in front of their big black-ironed gate, gazing into the sky; appreciating the work of nature and counting the birds as they flew by.

She was sailing free in the sea of her many thoughts when she felt the touch of masculine hands graze her arm.

she turned around to see a young man in his late twenties standing head to head in front of her, wide-eyed and smiling. He looked very responsible,neat, well-dressed and she took a quick second just then to sail out of her thoughts.

Good evening, he said, introducing himself as Jide and narrating to her how he had been blaring his car-horn just to get her attention all to no avail, also explaining the reason for the touch she felt on her arm.

All this while, Mirabel was appreciating his good looks; well-shaved beards, clean haircut and pink lips (not forgetting he is light-skinned and quite tall). She quickly apologized for her absentmindedness.

****To be Continued****


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