The Loud Thoughts of a Fresh Graduate(part 1)…


Okay, so it’s about a year and some months since I finished school. i finished my project and final year examinations around june,2014 and i had to wait for some months to be deployed for my National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) .In November of the same year, I received my call up letter and lo and behold-I was posted to Bauchi state…sooooo many thoughts came into my head(we all know about the insurgency in the northern part of our great nation-Nigeria,Don’t We???)…you needed to have seen the way i reacted after receiving my call up letter…gosh!!! Anyways, after sooooo much talks, I summoned the courage to obey the clarion call…I traveled down to Bauchi state,enjoyed my 3-week orientation program(Oh My God, I had lots and lots of fun-let me leave your imaginations to run wild,****smiles***) and applied for redeployment( ****laughs****)luckily for me, my application was granted and i was relocated to Osun state where i completed the rest of my service year

……………………….To be continued………………………….


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