Economy||Exchange rate

Wassup People????…………. With the incessant tumbling of Naira in the parallel market these past weeks, prices of commodities have sooooooooo increased…..Sachet water a.k.a pure water is not left out, a sachet of water that was sold for #5 before all these madness started,now sells for #10 per sachet…in some places like Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Bayelsa (y’all […]

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The Catchy “Verbena”

It was a cool Sunday evening, and Mirabel (a tall,dark-skinned young lady in her mid-twenties, with dark short-spongy hair, wearing a Red-vintage dress paired with flip-flops) was seen standing in front of their big black-ironed gate, gazing into the sky; appreciating the work of nature and counting the birds as they flew by. She was sailing […]

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