Outfit||Mom jean x socks x heels

Hey lovelies…Good day and welcome back to my blog! Long time no outfit post right? Anyways, the outfit corner is back and promises to be consistent… Without further ado, today on the blog I shall be sharing with you “a winter inspired outfit”….As we all know, it has been raining endlessly in Nigeria and the […]

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Badagry Diaspora Festival 2017

Hello blog followers and readers…Good day and welcome back to my blog/online corner. I know I’ve been MIA for a while now and it has been like forever since I last posted here, but the good thing  is that I’m back and promise to be consistent… As I mentioned here, I got admission to study Diaspora and Transnational […]

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Fruitful Vineyard||Pinacolada

Hello blog FAM! Long time no post…I know it’s already half way into the month of june, but permit me to wish you all a happy new month (better late than never right!) I pray “June for joy” in your lives,family and all other areas IJN! On the blog today,I shall be recounting my experience […]

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Been Long You Saw Me…

Hello Blog FAM… Welcome back to my blog! I know I have been MIA for a while now, but I am going to explain the reasons behind that in due course.  Flashback to some months back… I was having a good time going through social media on my phone (the one I use in blogging […]

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Valentine’s||Gift Ideas… 

Hello blog FAM… Good day and welcome to my blog once again!  Happy Saturday You… How did your day go? Did you attend a wedding or owambe? Without further ado, today I shall be sharing various gift ideas for Valentine’s day…  Valentine, is an expression of affection, especially romantic affection, usually in the form of […]

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Living A Purposeful Life..

Hello blog followers and readers… Welcome to my blog once again! I know I have been MIA (Missing In Action) for a while now, but life happened! The good thing is that I am back and I promise not to bail out on you guys ever again…  Without further ado, today’s post is on a […]

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Outfit|White Tees x Frayed hem pants 

Hello blog FAM… Long time no outfit post! A very Happy Saturday to you guys! How is the weekend going? Did you attend a wedding or owambe?  Anyways, today’s post is on this amazing White Tees I got as a gift from Ifeoma for her blog anniversary giveaway and my Frayed hem pants from yesterday’s post…  Outfit Details  White […]

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